Advance Party

Advance Party is an active research, prototyping and development team at The Royals.

Each quarter we initiate and deliver a series of investigations around a central theme, such as Voice Interfaces, Automated Agents and Synthetic Reality. We deliver programs that help us imagine and document the impacts these changes will create, and we share those prototypes to facilitate innovation and thoughtful consideration of the future of media.

Learn more about why we're currently interested in The Unreal World.

The Royals

The Royals are an independent, Australian creative agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney full of passionate, imaginative and inspired humans.

We live by our #mostinterested ethos which drives us to look beyond the obvious, to dig deeper and interrogate every creative and commercial opportunity put before us. By populating the agency with hungry minds and big hearts, we've created a culture of always-on learning and deeply-entrenched curiosity.